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Elyse Ferreira, LHMT

Meet Holistic Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader & Spiritual Intuitive, Elyse Ferreira. Growing up, Elyse’s family surrounded her with intuitive wisdom & spiritual teachings – and after suffering significant loss, Elyse found herself on a continual path of spiritual growth.


This growth led to a passion for healing & psychic work, encouraging Elyse to become a certified Reiki Master & to further develop her skills as a Tarot Reader & Intuitive Psychic by completing Psychic/Mediumship courses through Fisher Wellness, taught by Spirit Medium Kendall Fisher.


With a healing heart in the forefront, Elyse has found herself & her blossoming spiritual career happily planted at Fisher Wellness, where she is currently seeing, & welcoming clients for Massage Therapy, Reiki, Tarot/Oracle Psychic Readings & Private Meditations w/ Sound Healing.


Elyse is passionate, enthusiastic & ready to help you ignite your own journey to healing. Book with her through our website today!

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Bronte Gomes

Meet Spirit Medium and Reiki Master, Bronte Gomes. Spirituality has flourished inside of Bronte ever since she was a young girl. She's always had the knowing that she was strongly connected to the divine, & has continually had the passion & desire to heal others.

Although her journey started as a young child, it truly enhanced for her as she began a career in the medical field. Bronte specialized in geriatric care, helping her patients transition through the beginning, middle and ending stages of life. During this time, Bronte began connecting on a deeper level with Spirit, usually sensing & connecting to the passed loved ones of her patients. Knowing that she was being guided by Spirit to further develop her gift, Bronte completed Psychic/Mediumship courses through Fisher Wellness while being mentored by Spirit Medium Kendall Fisher.

Bronte felt compelled to find a more peaceful, loving & harmonious way for her patients and families to transition. This is where Bronte furthered her spiritual growth & journey by becoming a certified Reiki Master. She is also currently attending the SpaTech Institute, where she will graduate as a Licensed Aesthetician. Bronte will then offer holistic based facials & spa treatments at Fisher Wellness.


 Book with Bronte online today for psychic/mediumship & reiki healings!

Michaela Robbins, LHMT

Meet Holistic Massage Therapist, Advanced Polarity Therapist & Reiki Master, Michaela Robbins. Michaela is an experienced bodyworker with years of schooling under her belt. After completing the Holistic Massage program at the SpaTech Institute where she became licensed in therapeutic massage & advanced polarity, Michaela went on to become a certified Reiki master, & also earned her certifications in cupping, traditional Thai massage & craniosacral therapy. She has also completed Tarot & Mediumship workshops through Fisher Wellness to enhance her intuitive nature.


Michaela works intuitively with her bodywork clients, customizing each session to what they may need. She incorporates sound healing, aromatherapy & sometimes even ending with tarot/angel cards if she feels pulled to. Guiding her clients to feel safe/reconnected in their own bodies, & empowering them to connect with their higher selves, sparks true joy in Michaela. 


She has years of experience from working in holistic wellness centers, to traditional day spas, so her knowledge for the healing field is immense. 


Book with Michaela online today for your next healing session!

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