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Healing the Ego

During a time where so many of us are self-reflecting, processing & releasing, we find the importance & benefit of healing the "ego".

What is our "ego" & why does it need healing?

Past traumas, learned behaviors, relationships & situations are what mold our ego, or our self identity. The way we think, speak, act & perceive the world around us is challenged by the ego, which began building its conditioned way of feeling as far back as early childhood.

The ego is affected by emotional wounds from childhood that we've carried into adulthood. Healing the ego frees your authentic self & is the most important catalyst on the path to our highest self.

During reiki & polarity therapy, sacral & distance healing is focused on in order to begin healing to the ego. The sacral chakra is not only where our inner child lives, but it's also where we find our sense of self, motivation, passion & self-gratification. When we focus on healing this part our ourselves, old conditioning gradually falls away & we slowly welcome a new chapter, one that is closer to our highest self & that brings a healthier way of living.

Watch this short video by The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera, to understand more about ego & why "ego work" or "healing the ego" is SO important in our growth --->


Ways to heal your inner child

Healing your inner child starts with giving love to every version of yourself. Give love to the inner 3 year old who still feels the wrenching pain of separation anxiety from their mother, or the 12 year old who's given acne the power to make her feel less beautiful. Place your hands on your lower abdomen (your sacral chakra), picture the version of yourself that still needs healing, & begin sending a beautiful, healing white light into your sacral chakra. This exercise will heal parts of your soul that have been ignored for too long.

Below I've included another video by Dr. Nicole LePera. This guided inner child meditation gently grounds you & brings you back in time to heal layers of yourself that have been begging for release.

I hope you've all found peace in this blog, & wish you all the best of luck on your path of healing & growth.

With love,

Kendall Fisher

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